Convert Olive

Ross Snow Tech

Pulling from designs and mechanisms more commonly found in Satellites and landing gear, the Convert, toolless-ly, locks and transitions from snowboard binding to snowshoe, in less than 60 seconds…without removing your boot.
Tech Specs
  • The Four Point mounting bracket was designed around the traditional 4x4 stabilizing disc, enabling you to attach The Convert to just about any snowboard.
  • Dual side sash levers, along with front and rear teeth, connect the binding to the board.
  • By creating four points of contact, we’re maximizing energy transfer for superb response and predictability.
  • The high back and toe are intentionally designed to maximize surface area without sacrificing traction. They command both style and confidence.
  • The pattern, ridges and channel, built below the baseplate, increase strength, and greatly improves traction.
  • The baseplate is designed to withstand extreme impact, with function as a priority.
With three positions, our innovative adjustable heel cup allows you to find your most comfortable fit and feel.